Catholic Cemetery Association Survey - January 2004


We at the Catholic Cemetery Association are always interested in the thoughts and opinions of all those we serve. As we continue our expansion and beautification programs at our cemeteries in, Malden, Lynn, Salem, Beverly, Haverhill, Marblehead, Stoneham, Winchester, Watertown and Waltham, it is important for us to provide families we serve with a number of options that will fit their specific needs. For us to accomplish this, we are asking for your help. We have set up this short survey in order to assist us in understanding your needs. If you would be so kind as to fill out this survey. Your help in this matter would be beneficial to us, at the Catholic Cemetery Association, as we plan for the future. Thank you in advance for your timely response. Again, let me stress your input is critical to our decision making process regarding the operation of our cemeteries. I want to thank you again for the help you have given us by filling out this survey.


Allen Burgess
Director of Marketing
and Family Services
The Catholic Cemetery Association
Of the Archdiocese of Boston

Please complete the all the questions below.

As a Catholic, do you feel it is important to have your mortal remains laid to rest in grounds that are consecrated and blessed as all the Catholic Cemeteries are?
Are you aware that there is cemetery space available in your local Catholic Cemetery?
Are you aware that the Catholic Church now recognizes cremation as an acceptable form of burial?
Have you thought about pre-planning your burial arrangements?
Have you made a decision as to the type of burial that you would like to have?

Are you aware that the Catholic Cemetery Association accepts pre-need as well as at-need purchases of burial lots?

What would be the most important factor(s) in determining your final resting place?
(please order in importance with 1 being Most Important)

Family Members buried there
Cremation space available
Consecrated ground
Mausoleum space available
Ability to buy pre-need space
Family plots (6-24 spaces)
Remove the burden of planning from loved ones
Proper maintenance of grounds
Low interest financing
Proximity to your home
Would you be interested in Mausoleum (above ground burial) space at your local cemetery?
Is there anything you would like to add regarding any of our cemeteries?
Would you like a Family Service Counselor to contact you to set up an appointment to tour your local cemetery? If yes, please fill in the necessary information.
First Name
Last Name
ZIP/Postal Code
Do you own burial space at this time?
If the above answer is No, would your first choice be to be buried in a Catholic Cemetery?

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