Monument Regulations

Only one monument maybe erected on a lot/grave.

All symbology on the front of the monument must be religious.

  • The number of symbols added to any one monument is limited to two (2). This does not include a framed photo which might be affixed to the monument, the size of which may be no greater than 4” x 4”. If more than one person appears in the photo to be mounted on the monument, it may be no larger than 6”x 6” and must be approved by The Catholic Cemetery Association in writing.
  • Non - religious symbols or emblems must be approved by The Catholic Cemetery Association.
  • If approved, the non-religious symbol or emblem must be placed on the back of the die and be smaller than the religious symbol which appears on the front of the monument. The non-religious symbol may be up to 8” x 8” or equivalent size, allowing for shapes that are not square.
  • Any inscriptions and sayings on the front or back of the monument will be Scriptural in nature or reflective of the faith tradition of the Catholic Church.
  • There are several pages of appropriate Scripture references and faith based quotes available upon request.
  • Monument designs and sizes must be pre-approved in writing by The Catholic Cemetery Association. A scale drawing must be submitted in writing prior to casting of the design.
  • Regulations are subject to variations depending on the cemetery section and lot location.
  • If the deceased is not being buried in the lot, his/her name on the stone must be preceded by “In Memory Of”.
  • Nicknames, when approved, must be on the same line as the Christian name and be in quotes.

All other current rules pertaining to monuments and the business practices between monument dealers and The Catholic Cemetery Association are applicable.

Effective 11/2006


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