If you have questions or are in need of additional information, please contact one of our Family Service Coordinators. They will be happy to assist you.

  • Only one monument may be erected on a lot/grave and lot purchase must be paid in full before monument can be placed.
  • All symbology on the front of the monument must be religious.
  • The number of symbols added to any one monument is limited to two (2). This does not include a framed photo which might be affixed to the monument, the size of which may be no greater than 4”x 4”. If more than one person appears in the photo to be mounted on the monument, it may be no larger than 6”x 6” and must be approved by The Catholic Cemetery Association in writing.
  • All bases in all sections, and regardless of past practice, must be no less than 8 inches and no more than 10 inches high. All dies must be at least 8” thick.
  • Non – religious symbols or emblems must be approved by The Catholic Cemetery Association. If approved, the non-religious symbol or emblem must be placed on the back of the die and be smaller than the religious symbol which appears on the front of the monument. The non-religious symbol may be up to 8”x 8” or equivalent size, allowing for shapes that are not square.
  • Any inscriptions and sayings on the front or back of the monument will be Scriptural in nature or reflective of the faith tradition of the Catholic Church. There are several pages of appropriate Scripture references and faith based quotes available upon request.
  • Monument designs and sizes must be pre-approved in writing by The Catholic Cemetery Association. A scale drawing must be submitted in writing prior to casting of the design.
  • Regulations are subject to variations depending on the cemetery section and lot location.
  • If the deceased is not being buried in the lot, his/her name on the stone must be preceded by “In Memory Of”.
  • Nicknames, when approved, must be on the same line as the Christian name and be in quotes.
  • All other current rules pertaining to monuments and the business practices between monument dealers and The Catholic Cemetery Association are applicable.

Effective November 2006

The Catholic Cemetery Association Inc. adheres to the following guidelines regarding the display, care and removal of the American flag:

  • The American flag may be displayed from May 1st through November 30th in front of or on a monument.
  • The American flag must be displayed in such a way as to ensure it is not desecrated in the process of display – the flags may not touch the ground or become soiled. If it becomes wet it must be dry before being stored.
  • If a flag becomes soiled or torn, it must be removed and properly disposed of (burned). This is the responsibility of cemetery personnel.
  • The American flag will never be treated as waste or debris by cemetery personnel. All remaining flags will be removed by November 30th by cemetery personnel and turned over to the Veterans Administration or a veteran group. If you wish to retain your flag, you must remove it prior to November 30th .

Effective November 2006

The planting policy of the Catholic Cemetery Association, Inc. is as follows:

  • Flowers only (either annuals or perennials) may be planted at the base of a monument with the following stipulation:
    • The flowerbed may be no wider than the width of the monument base and must come out from the monument base no more than eight (8) inches.
  • No shrubs, trees, or bushes may be planted in the planting bed.
  • Ornaments, such as plastic decorations, pinwheels, animal figurines, balloons, etc. are not allowed.
  • No bed covering, such as mulch or stones, etc. may be added to the planting bed.
  • Upkeep of the planted materials is the sole responsibility of the person who has planted the flowers.
  • The Catholic Cemetery Association, Inc. bears no responsibility for upkeep nor does it assume liability for damage, theft, or vandalism with regard to the plantings or the planting bed.
  • If plantings and planting bed are not maintained, or if inappropriate materials appear in the bed, The Catholic Cemetery Association, Inc. reserves the right to remove any dead plants or inappropriate materials.
  • On occasion, the cemetery maintenance staff may remove plantings to accommodate a burial or other activity. Cemetery staff cannot replace plantings.

Effective November 2006

The vigil/solar light policy of The Catholic Cemetery Association, Inc. is as follows:

  • The Catholic Cemetery Association, Inc. will allow one (1) vigil/solar light per lot. All others will be removed.
  • The vigil/solar light including the post may be no higher than 18 inches above ground.
  • The vigil/solar light must be placed at the head of the lot flush with either the monument base or flat marker.
  • Upkeep and maintenance of the vigil/solar light is the sole responsibility of the person placing the light.
  • No open flames.
  • The Catholic Cemetery Association, Inc. bears no responsibility for upkeep nor does it assume liability for damage, theft or vandalism of the vigil/solar light.
  • The vigil/solar light including the post may be no larger than 36 inches.
  • The Catholic Cemetery Association, Inc. reserves the right to remove any severely damaged or inappropriately placed vigil/solar light. The Catholic Cemetery Association, Inc. will use due diligence in notifying the person of record for said grave if removal of a light is necessary.
  • Please visit your local monument dealer for more information.

Effective November 2006

Winter/Spring Clean-up

The Catholic Cemetery Association, Inc. conducts its major Spring clean-up during the month of March and its major Winter clean up during the month of November. These periods are used to clean up the grounds and prepare the cemetery for the upcoming seasons.

  • Please limit decorations to one per lot/grave. Holiday decorations are allowed for a two-week period, after which they will be removed.
  • Please remove all decorations, planters, etc. before the first of the month listed above.
  • Please keep lots clean during this time.
  • All decorations will be removed and disposed of at this time.
  • Keep in mind that the winter months are harsh and planters will freeze in the ground. Due to these conditions, we suggest removal by November 1.
  • We encourage the placement of decorations. We will be as careful as possible with our normal interment and maintenance activities. We regret that we cannot guarantee that all decorations will be free from damage or loss, and we cannot accept responsibility for these occurrences.


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