If there had been a death in your family yesterday, what would you be doing today?

We would like to think that we would find everyone gathered in the comfort of the family home, reliving fond memories and talking about special moments – all while grieving in a healthy and healing manner.

Unfortunately, without proper planning it can be a time of chaos, stress and confusion. Family members are often scattered with some at the funeral home making arrangements, others making calls, while others are at the cemetery securing burial rights.

We find family members searching through desk drawers, closets, basement and attics – looking for long forgotten about or misplaced paperwork such as birth certificates, insurance papers, veteran discharge papers, contact information for friends and much more. Even in the closest of families, we often see arguments and heated debates brought on by tough, last-minute decisions or by unforeseen financial expenditures.

It doesn’t have to be this way and we can help.

Understand the steps involved in end-of-life planning

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Learn Your Options

The Catholic Cemetery Association of the Archdiocese of Boston has a variety of traditional and cremation burial options available to suit your preferences. Learn more about the choices that we offer among our many cemeteries throughout the greater Boston area.