Planting Policy

The planting policy of the Catholic Cemetery Association, Inc. is as follows:

  • Flowers only (either annuals or perennials) may be planted at the base of a monument with the following stipulation
  • The flowerbed may be no wider than the width of the monument base and must come out from the monument base no more than eight (8) inches.
  • No shrubs, trees, or bushes may be planted in the planting bed.
  • Ornaments, such as plastic decorations, pinwheels, animal figurines, balloons, etc. are not allowed.
  • No bed covering, such as mulch or stones, etc. may be added to the planting bed.
  • Upkeep of the planted materials is the sole responsibility of the person who has planted the flowers
  • The Catholic Cemetery Association, Inc. bears no responsibility for upkeep nor does it assume liability for damage, theft, or vandalism with regard to the plantings or the planting bed
  • If plantings and planting bed are not maintained, or if inappropriate materials appear in the bed, The Catholic Cemetery Association, Inc. reserves the right to remove any dead plants or inappropriate materials.
  • On occasion, the cemetery maintenance staff may remove plantings to accommodate a burial or other activity. Cemetery staff cannot replace plantings.

Effective November, 2006

For more detailed information call one of Family Service Coordinators at 1.781.322.6300 or e-mail us at contactus@ccemetery.org

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