Winter/Spring Clean-up

The Catholic Cemetery Association, Inc. conducts its major Spring clean-up during the month of March and its major Winter clean up during the month of November. These periods are used to clean up the grounds and prepare the cemetery for spring/winter.

  • Please limit decorations to one per lot/grave. Holiday decorations are allowed for a two week period, after which they will be removed

  • Please remove all decorations, planters, etc. before the first of the month listed above

  • Please keep lots clean during this time

  • All decorations will be removed and disposed of at this time

  • Keep in mind that the winter months are harsh and planters will freeze in the ground. Due to these conditions we suggest removal by November 1.

We encourage the placement of decorations. We will be as careful as possible with our normal interment and maintenance activities. We regret that we cannot guarantee that all decorations will be free from damage or loss, and we cannot accept responsibility for these occurrences.

Effective November 2006


For more detailed information call one of Family Service Coordinators at 1.781.322.6300 or e-mail us at contactus@ccemetery.org

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